With over 140 years of experience in escrow and closing services, Central Texas Title performs commercial transactions both locally and across Texas. Our advanced technical capabilities, customer-focused staff and team approach deliver professional customized services to accommodate your needs.

The industry certified Commercial Closing staff at Central Texas Title can support commercial sales, refinance and development work for properties of any size and we have extensive expertise in all major segments of the commercial and industrial real estate market—including office, industrial, retail, multi-family and hotel.

The knowledgeable Escrow Agents at Central Texas Title are well versed in real estate closing procedures and the issuance of title insurance. Our agents act as a trusted third party that collects, holds and disburses funds, deeds or other instruments according to the instructions of the parties to the transaction. With vast experience, knowledge and efficiency, our agents ensure than all transaction details remain on track, helping to create a smooth closing.
Protect yourself and your investment with Commercial Title Insurance from Central Texas Title. Commercial Title Insurance offers commercial property buyers, lenders and others protection against losses from certain title issues, including:

  • Forgeries to a deed or release in the chain of title
  • Deeds signed by a minor child
  • Deeds or mortgages made under a power of attorney after its termination
  • Deeds or mortgages procured by fraud or duress
  • Voidable deeds or mortgages signed while the grantor was in bankruptcy
  • Child born after the execution of the Will
  • Title transferred by an heir may be subject to a federal estate tax lien